Saturday, July 26, 2008

Moving demos to

New host

I just wanted to point out that I'm slowly migrating the demos from to
I bought the domain a week ago or so, but didn't have the time to move them all.
I'm also "PHPizing" them a bit, so it takes some extra time.

Moved Demos

I'll update existing links on the blog and will redirect the demos from freewebs(eventually).
If you want to know which ones are ready, here's a list
jQuery Plugins
Regular Scripts

What else ?

I also plan to have the blog on
I tried for 5 minutes, but something went wrong in the middle. The redirection didn't work, so I reverted. I will try soon, after I do some research.

I'll try to be very careful not to break the demos while I add some more to the mix, if you see a failure please let me know. You can fall back to freewebs for now.
Don't forget to update your bookmarks :D .


michael said...

Thanks for these..I'm going to try to implement the ScrollTo effect sometime soon.

Ariel Flesler said...

Glad to know :)

Anonymous said...

I was following Karl S's musings when I came upon your interpretation of scroll...great question which may be more CSS than JS but can I use overflow: hidden property to hide the scroll bars on the element?
Also are you Argentinian?

Ariel Flesler said...

Hi (name?)

Yes, you can certainly set overflow:hidden to the elements (check SerialScroll and LocalScroll's demos).

And yes, I'm argentinian.

Kay Boston said...


Sorry didn't mean to post anon.
Is everything now at

Ariel Flesler said...

Most demos are now in there, yes.

Kay Boston said...

OK good to know, thanks again for this handy plugin.

michaeltea said...


I don't know quite where to start in creating the Ajax version of localscroll - specifically the content! I can usually make sense by deconstructing the source, but nowhere can I find the Lorem Ipsum text that is used in the example.

Can you help? I have had success in implementing Lightbox, and the more basic the better:)


Ariel Flesler said...


The markup is not TOO relevant on that demo. You don't need to copy the whole Ajax code on init.js.

It simply illustrates that you can replace the links, replace the anchors and it'll still work.

Just avoid destructing the container, that is, the element you applied the plugin to.

Put links, anchors, a container and you'd be ready to go.

michaeltea said...

I think you just blew my mind!

I guess I'm actually starting at ground zero, blank page. Where can I look for details on how to mark up my page and which code to link to and/or include to achieve this result?

Again, I still have no idea how the lorem ipsum managed to appear...

Thanks again,

michaeltea said...


I have been looking everywhere for the basics on implementing localscroll before contacting you. I've had success with both Lightbox and Slider by deconstructing source code and following tutorials, and though your last comment would be helpful to most I am not a programmer, just a designer who is a very big fan of what you guys are doing.

I know you don't have time to give me a tutorial, but if there is somewhere I could look to see how you created the Ajax demo, from scratch, please help by letting me know.


yoshi said...

can ScrollShow scroll automatically without clicking the next/previous and stop on mouse over?

Ariel Flesler said...

scrollShow can't and it's deprecated (clearly stated on its blog post).

Use serialScroll instead.

Tina Sains said...

Hi Flesler,

I am using ScrollTo plugin
with default settings

However, I would like to change the easing
for example :
where the background breaks into pieces.
I have tried to read various discussions on changing the easing options but I am new to jQuery
Please guide me, which file and line to change to achieve something like this.
Thanks in advance,
Tina Sains