Monday, March 9, 2009

jQuery.ScrollTo 1.4.1 released


  • The plugin accepts floating numbers.
  • Using jQuery.nodeName where neccessary so that this works on xml+xhtml.
  • The max() internal function wasn't completely accurrate, now it is 98% (except for IE on quirks mode but it's not too noticeable).


  • The target can be 'max' to scroll to the end while keeping it elegant.
  • The plugin works on quirks mode.


  • Default duration is 0 for jquery +1.3. Means sync animations.
  • Rewrote $.fn.scrollable() again. The plugin works on all major browsers (FF, IE, Safari, Opera, Chrome), on all versions, compat & quirks modes, even for iframes.
  • In addition to window/document, if html or body are received, the plugin will choose the right one.



brad dunbar said...

Thanks Ariel! I use ScrollTo on a few projects of mine and was wondering if it would be compatible with jQuery 1.3.x.

Ariel Flesler said...

You're welcome!

Yes, I actually ran all the tests using 1.3.2 (not 1.2.6).
When ran on 1.3.x, if you don't pass a duration, it will scroll synchronously.

--- said...

As Ariel said, it works very well on jQuery 1.3.2

what is amazing about your plugin are the many configuration posibilities. with this, is possible to use the serialScroll with "offset" option to achieve a exact behavior on the project that i'm developing, for example.

i'm repeating, thanks for this wonderful plugin!
you got a fan.

K Marino said...


I am calling scrollto on the container scrolling from inside the container.

on click it jumps (to target) then scrolls. Sorry I can' post where this is happening on the blog but can send link privately.


Ariel Flesler said...

Thanks Felipe :)

@K Marino
Do send me a demo to my email.

Unknown said...

Great plugin. I was using typical anchors to have content in a fixed height div scroll to the top. Problem was it was screwing up the layout of other elements around it by pushing them out of view. Now, with this plugin, the content is smoothly scrolling just like I need it to. Great work!

Pastor Tony said...

Ariel, thanks for a fantastic plugin! I was wondering if you had seen any performance issues on certain browsers. We are using scrollTo and localScroll on and it works great in all browsers on a mac, but on windows, the animation is very choppy in IE. Have you ever seen this before? Thanks, Tony

Ariel Flesler said...

@Pastor Tony
The broken animation is due to the vertical scrollbars on the items. Some browsers have a hard time redrawing them. You should hide them during the animation.

Anonymous said...
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W said...

Could you/or someone explain how this could be implemented for scrolling posts on a wordpress blog?