Saturday, December 8, 2007

Javascript Console for Maxthon (JSCM) 2.0


  • Execution of any kind of native javascript.
  • jQuery is integrated, is possible to access the elements in the active tab.
  • It includes an 'inspect' option, similar to Firebug's.
  • Console's results are dumped in a colorful way.
  • Dumped HTML elements, will allow quick inspection of the matched elements.
  • Switching between recently executed scripts, with Page Down and Page Up.
  • Frequently used scripts can be stored, for further use.
  • Functions Window() and Document() to retrieve the document and window objects from the active tab.


  • How to access the elements in the active tab
    Using jQuery's selectors with no context, will match the elements in the neighboring page. So $('a') or jQuery('a') will match all the links in the page. For further information about jQuery, visit
  • What does inspect mean
    When Inspect is activated, moving the mouse over any element in the active tab, will highlight it. When an element is clicked, the plugin will generate a selector that will match that specific element and it will appear in the console. The same applies to dumped HTML elements.
  • Where can I get more examples
    The pack contains a file called Manual.txt which includes some examples with a short explanation. You can also check for jQuery related information.



Anonymous said...

with the maxthon the plug-in not load the stored scripts when maxthon start, the list is empty.

Ariel Flesler said...

You are right. I noticed that some days ago (I use the console often), but actually ignored the fact.

I'll try to ask around and see if I can fix this somehow.
Thanks for reporting.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much... I'm waiting for some good news.. Carlo from Italy

Ariel Flesler said...

Reported this HERE.

Anonymous said...

the problem is fixed!

* Fixed a plugin command (readFile) problem



Ariel Flesler said...

Yes, noticed that too.
Awesome :D

RotInPain said...

If you wanted to use an updated jquery lib with the latest available here's a how to :

Simply replace the following plugin file : {maxthon/plugins/jscm}/js/jquery.js
with the latest jquery lib available from jquery website and you're done !

Download lastest :

Thanks Ariel for the great plugin !