Wednesday, October 24, 2007

jQuery.ScrollTo 1.1 released


  • Relative animations are now supported.
  • Fixed a bug, the plugin would fail if the 'target' is a selector and it ends with a number.
  • The 'target' selector no longer supports 'em' or '%' as they won't work with animate anyway.
  • The plugin is no longer dependant on jQuery.Dimensions! :)
  • Fixed a bug, any-number + 'px' or relative animations, combined with no speed or speed 0 would fail. This no longer happens.



able2create - blog said...


I dont know if you still help out, but I´m not that into javascript. I do understand the demo, but I don´t know exactly how to set up the function with the screen scrolling. In the Demo there is the scrolling area div.pane. I know that the file init.js is just for the demo, but as I said - I don´t know how to set it up for my needs. I just want a left top navigation and fixed (left, top) points where to scroll (the whole window).

I hope you can help me out with it - I also could spend money if there is more work to do for the explaination...

Thanks for the Help