Tuesday, January 1, 2008

jQuery.Rule 1.0 released

Important: The last release that appears in the project page, is not really the last one. See this release instead. Changes:

  • Added semicolon to the start, for safe file concatenation.
  • Minor changes for perfomance.
  • Made many changes tp $.rule.fn.filter
    • The filtering function used to get element & index as arguments instead of element as 'this' and index as 1st argument.
    • String filters are no longer turned into regex, now they are compared (case insensitive) to each (splitted by comma) selector.
  • $.data and $.removeData have been hacked to allow animations in IE. Some styles might fail, also rules precedence needs some kind of workaround.
  • Added show/hide/toggle and slide functions to $.rule.fn.
  • Improved the hack to $.curCSS, it returns some default values in case none is set, for animations. It needs some more work.
  • Updated the API.
  • Updated the demo.
Links: Downloads: I really advice using the minified versions. The code is optimized for those releases. Source versions should only be used to learn.